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When you are using SAP Engineering Control Center in a SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition environment you need to have a file repository to store files, similar like in on premise as well.

There are many alternatives how to get a file repository attached, also via partner solutions.

This How-To-guide describes the configuration of the SAP Document Management Service on SAP's Business Technology Platform (BTP) (for more see also

Configuration steps


Make sure that the following SAP Notes are implemented in your ABAP Backend:

2Please use version SAP ECTR or SAP ECTR for S4 or higher on your frontend computer.

In your <ECTR installation>\customize\config\default.txt you will need the following settings:

plm.http.checkout.downloadMethod = apache-client
SAP.PLM.NOTE2666952.SWITCH = true
plm.http.upload.usePostMethod = true

Don't forget to upload the preference again via ECTR menu "Administrator → System Setup → Upload Settings to SAP System


Make sure, you have configured the BTP Document Management Service as a repository as well. Follow the steps in the article here:


You also need to adjust the preference plm.kpro.storageCateg.default pointing to your new repository, defined in Step 6 in the article above.

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