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Shattered viewing is a method to view assemblies. It works in a similar way like CAD assembly. The assembly file knows its children files and their location in space (transformation matrices). The whole assembly is not stored in one file but many.

When it comes to viewing, you need to provide all files to the VE Viewer. In case of ECTR and SAP GUI, both applications take care about providing the files.

In SAP ECTR you can also view those "shattered viewables".


  • Shattered viewables (VDS4 format) can only be generated by SAP Visual Enterprise Generator. You cannot create them with the VE Client Converter or the VE Author application.
  • VE Viewer Version, Jul 24 2019 or newer

In SAP ECTR you have to define the following preference in :

<ectr installation or config>\customize\config\default.txt
plm.3dpreview.WsAppl = VDX, VDS

The workstation application for shattered/assembly viewables is usually VDX, part viewable are VDS.

You also need a menu entry in the assembly window.

<ectr installation or config>\customize\config\menu.guidef
+  om.custom.tool.ctx_ass               =
                                        = mnu.flyout.viewer

This opens the shattered files for viewing in the VE Viewer window.