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SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management (EH&S) has a standard functionality to transfer a BOM (Bill of Material) to a BOS (Bill of Substance).

A general description of the functionality BOM BOS Transfer including all prerequisites is described in the following blog:
Also content on SAP Help is avaiable for this functionality:

This typically requires SAP EH&S customizing, which must be set up by a SAP EH&S expert.
The customizing and the creation of all prerequisites is not part of this How to.

Here we describe how this functionality can be triggered from SAP ECTR.

SAP ECTR has the possibility to extend the functionality by configuration. Among other things, the call of backend logic and transactions is possible.
Details can be found here:


For the configuration of a new function in SAP ECTR for the "BOM BOS Transfer" the follwoing steps are relevant:

(1) API-Definition (...\customize\aux-files\api_definitions2.xml)

Add the following function definition in the api definitions:

    <function apiname="/DSCSAG/TRANSACTION_CALL2" name="BOM_BOS_TRANSFER" refresh="true" transaction="bright" background="true" type="mat_bom" getecm="active">
            <parameter name="TCODE" string="CG37"/>

(2) Function (...\basis\config\menu.guidef)

Add the following function somewhere in the BOM Menu ( of the menu.guidef:


(3) Icon (\customize\aux-files\customer_icons.txt)

Add the following definition in the customer_icons:

fnc.api.generic2(BOM_BOS_TRANSFER) = {0}/sap/bill_of_material<<{0}/sap/o_folder_deep

(4) Dictionary (\customize\dictionary\<language<\customer.txt)

Add the following dictionary definition in the language-specific dictionary:

fnc.api.generic2(BOM_BOS_TRANSFER) = BOM -> BOS Transfer


New Function "BOM -> BOS Transfer" in SAP ECTR on the Object Bill of Material (MAT_BOM)

Function opens the Transaction CG37 (SAP GUI) from SAP ECTR, manual* input of parameters (e.g. Material)
* Transaction CG37 unfortunately does not support input parameters from outside

You can now continue working in Transaction CG37 (SAP GUI) and use the worklist to convert the Bill of Material into a Bill of Substance.

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