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From ECTR you can navigate to the Fiori - Web - Dialogs. Setting up the configuration for this navigation is not trivial.


This is a solution for generating the navigation URL from the backend site.

The public API for creating such a URL is in the class CL_LSAPI_MANAGER (SAP_BASIS). The method CREATE_FLP_URL is used to create a direct Fiori Launchpad-Start-URL.

Configuration in ECTR

To call the Fiori - Web - dialogs the general technique of "How to change the menus or toolbars of ECTR and call transactions or function modules" is used.

The standard functions that are already delivered with the ECTR standard can be found, for example, in the file '<ECTR_INSTDIR>\addons\changeRecord\basis\aux-files\api_definitions2.xml'.

In the backend the FM /DSCSAG/FLP_URL_CREATE is used to generate a URL with the help of the class CL_LSAPI_MANAGER. This URL is then generated via a SAP-GUI method ( cl_gui_html_viewer ->enable_sapsso( enabled = abap_true ) . cl_gui_html_viewer ->detach_url_in_browser( url = <ls_url> ) . ) is called, so that the user does not have to log in again.

To control the URL generation, the input parameters of the method cl_lsapi_manager=>create_flp_url( ) can be set in the api_definitions2.xml:

Parameter nameDescription
IV_OBJECTFiori Intent Semantic Object Value e.g. 
<parameter name="IV_OBJECT" string="Material"/>
IV_ACTIONFiori Intent Action Value e.g. 
<parameter name="IV_ACTION" string="manage"/>
IT_PARAMETERSIntent parameters as table of name/value pairs e.g. 
            <table foreach_object="false" name="IT_PARAMETERS">
                <parameter name="NAME" string="Material"/>
                <parameter name="VALUE" value="MATERIALNUMBER_EXT"/>


SAP UI5 Component ID (optional, usually not needed)


URL pointing to a location of UI5 Component (optional, usually not needed)


FLP header in standalone mode => gs_flp_shell_config (optional, usually not needed)


URL of FLP config File (optional, usually not needed)


Custom theme URL (optional, usually not needed)


Transaction Code (optional, usually not needed)


WebDynpro Configuration (optional, usually not needed)
IV_WD_IDWeb Dynpro Application Name (optional, usually not needed)

The processing of the Fiori - Web - dialogs works asynchronously like all Web - dialogs by design. ECTR can be used again immediately but does not get any export parameters back from the function. So for example if you create a material in a Fiori app, the ECTR does not get this new material number back and can't link that to a document. This is not an error of ECTR. Same when you create a Change Record (CR) in the Fiori app, the ECTR does not get back the ID of the CR and cannot put it in a folder. 

(warning) Do not ask the ECTR support team via ticket for required parameters for Fiori applications not developed by the ECTR team! 
(info) The ECTR team can not provide a documentation for Fiori apps (e.g. from component PLM-FIO-BOM) which are not developed by the ECTR - team.

Configuration of the front end server destination (FIORI) on a back end system 

Further documentation  

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