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1.Maintaining Object Keys

In case the object table that should be classified with does not exist, it must be added to the table TCLO by carrying out
the following steps in the transaction SPRO :

SPRO -> Cross-Application Components -> Classification System -> Classes -> Maintain Object Keys.

If the object table already exists, this step (Maintaining Object Keys) may be skipped.

2. Maintaining table, transaction code and key fields
The table and key fields must be added and also the transaction code must be maintained.

3.Adding new Object Table
In the transaction O1CL, the new object table must be added.

Either the transaction O1CL or SPRO may be used in the following way:

SPRO -> Cross-Application Components -> Classification System -> Classes -> Maintain Object Types and Class Types


4. Adding the new Class Type
 The new object table must be selected first, then in the 'Class Types' View the new class type may be added.

5. Maintain Classification Status
The next necessary step is to maintain the classification status, this may be done in the transaction O1CL . Now, the new
class type is ready for use.

For more information about class types in general, please have a look at SAP Library:
--> Cross Application Components
   --> Classification System (CA-CL)
      --> Class Types

6. Creating Function module OBJECT_CHECK__<object type name>

Before a new classifiable object type may be used,  function module Object_check_<object type name> must be created.
This module checks whether the objects entered are valid. The object table (such as MARA or EQUI, in the existing modules)
must be enetered as the object type name. This module is called dynamically when objects are classified or when objects are
found via classes, so it is important to keep to the naming conventions - otherwise the program cannot find the module.

To create a function module, choose  Tools -> ABAP Workbench -> Function Builder. The function module Object_check_MARA
may be copied and used as a template if required. The interface of the new function module must be the same as the interface
of function module Object_check_MARA.