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This article will provide you information for performance issues while working in the ECTR window "Classification".


There exists performance issues while navigating or searching in the ECTR window "classification".  

Known Errors and Solutions

Error: Missing Statistics for Optimizing Classification System Search


Error: Long run-time for characteristics with upper/lowercase


Error: Long run-time when presenting the search result


  • 2905816 - ECTR: Fixed: Performance issue with internal table in FM /DSCSAG/CLASS_GETCHARVAL_INT
  • Read no classification data for search results:

    • Disable the switch in ECTR settings Classification for "Read classification data for folder content"

    • Add this configuration to your default.txt:

      # Read classification data for search results from classification window. 
      # In environments with very huge amount of characteristics the reading slows down 
      # the presentation of the found objects.
      # Disclaimer: This setting controls the same objects, which are also controlled by
      #, only by a different use case.
      # true = Classification data (values for characteristics) is read which costs some performance (default)
      # false = No Classification data is read for found objects - better performance, no classification values

Error: Long run-time when showing customer specific properties



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