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There are several settings which have an impact on setting the storage category:

  1. preference variable in <ECTR Inst Dir>\customize\config\default.txt: plm.kpro.storageCateg.default 

  2. Customizing SPRO -> Cross Application Components -> Document Management -> General Data -> Define Profile -> Determine definitions for applications
  3. preference variable in <ECTR Inst Dir>\customize\config\R3_<System ID>.txt: plm.kpro.storageCateg.default

The order above also indicates how you should set the default customizing.

Storage Categories can be defined with transaction OACT.



  1. It seems that ECTR does not recognize or care about SAP Settings in the profiles for different users at other locations, who shold have their own Content Servers.

    Does it mean that every location has to have its own configuration , only for that one setting in the default .txt?

    We don't care about different contentservers for WSA or document types, whic his possible to set in the Default.txt. In our case the only relelvant is the user.

    Please advise!

    Thanks in advance,


    1. ECTR reads the profiles from SPRO. See apilog@tateless.txt. 1st call of  FM "/DSCSAG/CHECK_LOGON_DATA". TABLE: STORAGECATEGORIES.
      These settings should be used if noting else is defined for storage category in frontend configuration. Just create an OSS incident if it does not work in your installation.

      An other possibility is to use the KPRO configuration for Different Locations which is described here:

  2. How to define "nothing" the right way in the default.txt?

    By leaving plm.kpro.storageCateg.Default = "" or leave it blank or by putting a # in front oft he line?

    In both ways we get the message

    " Default Storage category not maintained. Check preference for key plm.kpro.storageCateg.Default. Preference Variable

    We will open an OSS incident.

    best regard,