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See SAP note 2128798 - SAP Note for error analysis - ECTR log files

Before you create an OSS incident for ECTR issues

Read these documents:

Use the Support Log Assistant to automatic analyze your log files. 


How to technically report an incident you can see here.

The available components for the Incident can be found here: 90 Transition CAD-Desktop to SAP ECTR

Template for the "Problem description"


<Please describe in which area the issue happens.>

Expected Result

<Please describe the behavior you expect from the software.>

Actual Result

<Please describe the current behavior of the software.>

Try to provide a summary of the issue instead of a very long description and also the circumstances, if relevant.
- when did the issue start?
- how often does it occur?
- is it reproducible?
- what is the current and the desired behaviors?
- can it be reproduced in another system (test / development)?

Checklist for the author

  • Is the use case described clearly?
  • Does a detailed, understandable description of the occurring behavior exist?
  • Are log files attached, as described in SAP Note 2128798 (incl. full debug log)?
  • Are relevant screenshots attached (if possible)?
  • Incidents regarding performance issues: Describe the use case and the process in detail where the issue occurs.

One issue per support incident

Report only one issue per incident. You can find more information in note 50048.

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  • SAP Note 2128798 - ECTR: SAP Note for error analysis - ECTR log files
  • SAP Note 83020: What is consulting, what is support


Use this structure to help you compose your contributions for WIKI and at the same time will ensure spelling and grammar.