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This function has been extended with SP /

The function (Export Originals (Including Folder Structure)) allows you via an XML file to define which folder content to export.

For example, with this function you can only export the dependent documents from a folder.

To define which contents to export, you need to add a parameter to the function Define the parameters in the file %PLM_INSTDIR%\customize\config\exportFolderProfiles.xml. Here, you can specify one or more export profiles.

All XML tags save <name> are optional. 

Default values: 

        If not defined here, the value is taken from the load options which are defined in SAP ECTR.
        If no filter is referenced, there will be no filtering. Only one filter may be referenced per profile. 
        If no transformation macro is referenced, there will be no transformation. The document length remains unchanged. Only one transformation macro may be referenced per profile. 
            failOnError is false by default.  If the value is true, the export is stopped with an error message.
        Value is an existing attribute section. If a non-existent attribute section is referenced, the process is stopped with an error message. If the whole XML tag hasn't been defined, the folder description is used by default.

Note: The filters are used on the transformed documents, not on the selected documents.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<folder_export_profiles xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../../../../basis/aux-files/folder-export.xsd">
            Export master and appropriate nonmaster
                <as_saved />
                <latest/> or
            <download_rule dtypes="NXDRW">   
                       <!-- Default is MasterWsappl, if nothing is defined -->
              <original workstation_application="UGI" />
        <download_rule dtypes="PINT">
                <original workstation_application="UGI" rename_section="EXPORT_FOLDER_ORIG_RENAME" />
                <original workstation_application="JT" rename_section="EXPORT_FOLDER_ORIG_RENAME" />
                <original workstation_application="EPJ" rename_section="EXPORT_FOLDER_ORIG_RENAME" />
        <document_filter filter="material">
            <!-- Like ObrPropertyFilter e.g. only UGM documents with this status -->
        <document_transform transformMacro="C:\ECTR_Installations\SAP_ECTR\customize\config\transform.js" failOnError="true">
            <!-- Tranformation macro: The document is read in and zero or n documents returned, e.g. master document is read in and only the dependent document is returned. -->

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