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Possibility to filter the folderstructure based on a specifc folder in structure with spoecific filter criterias (e.g. released folders based on the status).
The following page describes a step-to-step guide.

1 Create a Macro Document

Folder -> New -> Document

Select DType Group “MACRO” and DType “Script Macro”

2 Define the Macro

Select Macro Document -> Edit Macro

Add the following Macro Script:

folder = KEYLIST_FROM_CONTEXT("ctx_desk", "selected", "DOC")
inputFolder = CREATE_SET(folder)

// collect all subfolders
allComponents = TRANSFORM_SET(inputFolder, "expand_structure")

// remove top folder (inputFolder)
subfolders =  OPERATION_SET("symmdiff", allComponents, inputFolder)

// filter subfolders
filterParameters =  PARAMETER_MAP( "doc_filter_fields" )
filterParameters.DOKAR = "FOL"
filterParameters.DOKST = "FR"
filteredComponents = FILTER(subfolders, "DOC", filterParameters)

// add objects to object list
filteredFolders = KEYLIST_FROM_SET(filteredComponents)
WRITE_OBJECTLIST(filteredFolders, "Filtered Folder")
3 Add Macro as Function in the Menu

It is possible to add a macros as function in the menu.
Therefore a generic function is in place:


In our Example the Macro is stored in the Document with the SAP-KEY AUX000000000000000100011263300MCR

The function has to be added in the menu.guidef (...\customize\config\) as fnc.execute.macro(AUX000000000000000100011263300MCR):

4 Dictionary

Add dictionaries in customer.txt (...\customize\dictionary\<language> \):
fnc.execute.macro(AUX000000000000000100011263300MCR) = Filter Folderstructure as Object List

5 Icons

Add icons in customer_icons.txt (...\customize\aux-files):

fnc.execute.macro(AUX000000000000000100011263300MCR) = {0}/sap/filter

6 Use Function

The function can be used:


The function explodes the folderstructure (based on selected folder) on specific parameters (in our case Status = “FR”) and shows all folders with the specific parameters single level in an object list.


(warning) Note: The current solution explodes the folderstructure multi-level but shows the filtered folders as a single-level list.