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You want to find out which components of the CAD assembly have multiple material links and where none of the links is signed. 

Such ambiguous material links may cause troubles e.g. in a BOM derivation process

setId = CREATE_SET(keylist)
 HASMULTIMATLINK empty - no/only one material
 HASMULTIMATLINK S - multiple links, one link is signed
 HASMULTIMATLINK X - multiple links, nothing signed => ambiguous mat link
ambiguousMatLinksFilter = PARAMETER_MAP( "doc_filter_fields" )
ambiguousMatLinksFilter.HASMATERIAL = "X";
ambiguousMatLinksFilter.HASMULTIMATLINK = "X";
componentsSet = TRANSFORM_SET( setId, "expand_structure" )
ambiguousMatLinksSet = FILTER(componentsSet, "doc", ambiguousMatLinksFilter);
result = KEYLIST_FROM_SET(ambiguousMatLinksSet)
#ambiguous material links  = ambiguous material links = ambiguousMaterialLinks.txt  = flag/flag_material_2a
<ECTR-config-dir>\applications\ugs\customize\config\default.txt = SMART_CONT(AMBIG_MAT_LINKS);the rest of containers...