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Question or Problem

The "traffic light" icons of ECTR shows a wrong signal.

Causes or Possible Causes

Usually this is caused by a customer implementation of the "Program exit for document number" - MCDOKZNR.

In the FORM version_get_last  exists the parameter table "pt_draw".  If this table is filled, only the documents in this table must be in scope. Don't read them from draw.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Transaction DC10 - Check document type Number Exit.
  • Transaction SE38 - Check the ABAP Code of the Number Exit FORM version_get_last.
  • If you know how: Put a external breakpoint in FM CV115_DOCVERSION_GET_LAST and do a refresh (F5) for the document in ECTR. Then debug your Z-Report.

Known Errors and Solutions

1. Change your code like that: 

IF pt_draw[] is initial.
  "No data from buffer table => read from DB
  SELECT * FROM draw
  "There are data in buffer table - use them
  LOOP at pt_draw assigning ...

2. Run report /DSCSAG/PLM_DOC_VER_BUFFER_FIL for the appropriate document types.

3. Add these lines to customize/config/default.txt and upload customizing to backend with admin function in ECTR:

# Rule to define traffic lights
# DSC = Standard customizing using tdwa_versions table (default)
# SAP = Customer specific user exit


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