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Solution with BAdI 

The customer can implement this BAdI:

Method: check_logon_data_before

The parameter "cadunit" is actually not used but reserved for future development.

Code Example
METHOD /dscsag/if_ex_plm_01~check_logon_data_before.
  DATA: ls_return TYPE bapiret2.
  IF sy-uname EQ 'AUSER'.
*   This person is not allowed to work with ECTR
    logon_forbidden = 'X'.
    ls_return-type = 'E'.
    ls_return-message = 'You are not allowed to work with ECTR.'.
    APPEND ls_return TO return.

Now unauthorized users get the following message in the ECTR logon process:


Solution with configuration and PFCG checks

Control usage of ECTR

To control the usage of ECTR you have to add this configuration into your default.txt file:


Additionally you have to assign the user the authorization with PFCG roles to use transaction (object S_TCODE) '/DSCSAG/ECTR' for ECTR standard unit 7522  and / or transaction (object S_TCODE) '/DSCSAG/ECTR_PRO' for ECTR professional unit 7523.

See How to Measure CAD Users - Audit trail for Licences