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How to use and configure CAD groups in the SAP ECTR Logon dialog


When you log on to SAP Engineering Control Center, enter the following data:

  • SAP System
  • User
  • Password
  • Language
  • CAD group


The CAD group calls a user role in the background. The user role controls the provided functions and configuration options.

You can assign different roles to users. Do not confuse these roles with the SAP PFCG roles. You can control the scope of functions that are available and the default settings depending on the role. The role is stored in environment variable %PLM_ROLE%. SAP Engineering Control Center fetches the role-specific definition files.

You can make the following settings for determining the role:

  • As a call parameter for dsc_StartPlm.exe:

The call parameter overwrites all other roles.

  • Via the selection of the role in the logon dialog via input field CAD Group:

The selection controls the role via the preference variables sap.logon.cad_group_<CAD Gruppe> in the file SAPlogon.txt

  • Via the parameter from the SAP system:

If variable sap.logon.cad_group_<CAD Gruppe> is not defined in SAPlogon.txt, SAP Engineering Control Center uses the parameters.


Log on with different CAD groups

Example 1: CAD group “Full Function User”

Log on as a full function user

Available functions as a full function user in SAP Engineering Control Center:

  • Change Document Status and Create New Version in the context menu
  • Mass change in the menu bar

Example 2 : CAD group “Limited Function User”

Log on as a Limited function user

The functions Change Document Status, Create New Version and Mass change are no longer available in the context menu and in the menu bar.

Configuration of the functions

Step 1: Navigate to the storage location of the configuration files:  ../customize/config/


Step 2: Configure the functions for the CAD groups in ../customize/config/SAPlogon.txt like this:


# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# 1.4    User role information
# As part of the SAP logon procedure ECTR reads all the SAP roles a user has
# assigned. This is to be used to define a user dependent behaviour of ECTR.
# Since a user may have multiple roles, the following preference variable my
# be used to define the sequence that will be used to determine the role with
# the highest priority.
sap.logon.userrole.list =
# As an alternative to getting the user roles from SAP the ECTR logon process
# can provide a selection list of roles in the SAP logon window. The definition
# uses an ID that is then used a PLM_ROLE in the further processing.
# If this method is used, the SAP roles will not be processed.
     sap.logon.cad_group_id1   = full
     sap.logon.cad_group_desc1 = Full function user
     sap.logon.cad_group_id2   = limited
     sap.logon.cad_group_desc2 = Limited function user