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Until version, SAP ECTR has provided only one PFCG role for the customer batch files(e.g. in plm_setenv.bat) as environment variable PLM_ROLE.

In practice, however, a user can have several very different work tasks and therefore several PFCG roles in SAP.

It was impossible for customer batch files to get and process the full list of PFCG roles assigned to the user.

With, ECTR creates a text files with all assigned roles. The path to this file is set by ECTR in the environment variable PLM_ALL_ROLES_FILE.

This file is written by ECTR as UTF-8 without BOM, one role in one line and can be processed by customer batch files if they have to perform some setup tasks depending on the roles.

Because of UTF-8 without BOM, this file can easily be processed even as simple ASCII file if the roles don't contain any non-ASCII symbols.

  • example of plm_all_roles.txt

Basically, the customer batch which must consider the roles, has to read the file with path/name from environment variable %PLM_ALL_ROLES_FILE%, read line by line every role and perform according tasks.

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