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About SmartFolders


SmartFolders are not true folders: they are macro-programmed queries executed when opening the SmartFolder.

The functionality of SmartFolders resembles that of SmartLists closely. SmartFolders differ from SmartLists by their integration into the folder structure of SAP Engineering Control Center. Macros used by SmartFolders can be stored in both the SAP system and the file system. SmartFolders can be distinguished from regular blue folders by their color - SmartFolders are white.



Creation of SmartFolders


To create a SmartFolder, you need a working macro at hand. 


  1. To create a SmartFolder, use the context menu (right-click) on the folder you wish to place the SmartFolder in.
    • A menu appears.
  2. Choose CreateSmartFolder.
    • The window SmartList Configuration dialog opens.
  3. In the window SmartList Configuration, name your SmartFolder.
  4. To choose the macro you want the SmartFolder to assign, click on the glasses on the right.
    • The window Select Macro opens.
  5. In the window Select Macro, choose whether your macro is stored in the SAP system (tab Documents) or in the file system (tab Files).

    Below each tab, you can find a list of macros to choose from.
  6. Tick the box in front of the macro you wish to assign. Click OK.
    • The window SmartList Configuration opens.
  7. (OPTIONAL) If your macro contains configurable parameters, you can set them in the window SmartList Configuration by clicking the pen in front of the parameter you wish to set.
  8. In the window SmartList Configuration, click OK.
    • Your SmartFolder has been created within the folder you have initially chosen.
  9. (OPTIONAL) If you wish to edit your SmartFolder, right-click it and choose Edit SmartFolder.
    • The window SmartList Configuration opens and you can make your changes.
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