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User actions, so called "OMF" (object manager functions), are the user's way of interacting with the ECTR UI and trigger processes. Every button in the ECTR toolbar, every system menu or popup menu item is such an "OMF".
Example of "OMFs" in Toolbar and Popup-Menu:

It is possible to extend the user actions in ECTR via OSGi.


The user action itself must be implemented as PluginFunction. The implementation of the PluginFunctionService acts as a "mapper" between the function key und the specific PluginFunction.

Before the PluginFunction is executed, ECTR inspects the current active selection and passes the selected SAP objects to the PluginFunction.

The PluginFunction is able to do something with the objects -  or not to do anything with them if the functionality behind the the PluginFunction doesn't need any selection.

The execution of the PluginFunction blocks the ECTR UI by intent, so only one PluginFunction is executed at once.

After the PluginFunction is finished, it responds to ECTR. The responses are predefined and and the kind of the response determines how ECTR reacts to it. For example by returning a response itself.

PluginFunction can cause ECTR to show an info message in the ECTR status log.
PluginResponseFactory can be used to easily create responses.

Every user action must be "placed" somewhere - either in a toolbar or somewhere else. Please follow this link to learn how the ECTR UI can be customized.

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