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The purpose of this page is to clarify the usage of ECTR folders regarding user authorization. 


Since ECTR - folders are based on documents (DIR) the DIR authorizations are valid for folders as well. There exists several possibilities to solve authorization requirements:

Folder type / authority group

You can define multiple document types for folders or use different values for auth. group and have different roles with rights to these fields. If a user may view but not edit the folder, then he can't change the content.

Use the Access Control Management (ACM)

You can use the ACM for the folder documents to  use ECTR - folders for specific teams. 

See also How to enable Access Control Management (ACM) in S/4HANA

Customer specific solution 

There exists several BAdIs which you can use to implement a customer specific solution:

  • BAdI: DOCUMENT_AUTH01~CHECK_AUTHORITY - controls the folder - document
  • BAdi: /DSCSAG/FOLDER_01~fol_alloc_maint_before - controls insert and delete functions to an ECTR folder document

        DATA ls_allocation TYPE /dscsag/fol_alc_str.
        DATA ls_return TYPE bapiret2.
        LOOP AT allocations INTO ls_allocation.
          MOVE ls_allocation-topfl TO return-message_v1.
          MOVE ls_allocation-objky TO return-message_v2.
              type   = 'E'
              cl     = '/DSCSAG/PLM'
              number = '164'
              par1   = return-message_v1
              par2   = return-message_v2
              return = return.
  • BAdI: BOM_UPDATE~CHANGE_AT_SAVE - low level control of adding and removing documents into ECTR - folders

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