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In SAP you can define user specific parameters in transaction SU3. Some parameters can be used as default values when creating a new document, e.g. labor or authorization group.

Instead of defining and storing these parameters in SAP you can also define them in ECTR and store them in the user specific file "%AppData%\Roaming\SAP\ECTR\data\<installation>\<system-client-user>\preferences\user.txt".

You can define a new tab in the ECTR preferences window, e.g. 

Here are the required steps to add new preferences to ECTR:

  1. Add a new node (card) in the preferences dialog:
    1. Open the <ectr installation>\customize\config\options.xml
    2. Add a new <card>, here called "UserSetting":

          <node card="ECTR" label="SYSTEM.T.OMTITLE">
            <node card="Common" label="plm.genoptions.ectr.common"/>
            <node card="UserSetting" label="User Setting"/>
  2. Add your preferences and value list in the card:
    1. In a lower section of options.xml add a new tag <card> for "UserSetting".

       <card name="UserSetting">  
          <option prefname="SAP.USER.PARAMETER./DSCSAG/PLM_LABOR" type="string"  label="SYSTEM.T.LAB">
            <entry name="Labor 001"           value="001"/>
            <entry name="Labor 002"           value="002"/>

    2. You can also use labels which are defined in the dictionary file <ectr installation>\basis\dictionary\en\ectr.txt. Above "SYSTEM.T.LAB" is used, so the label is displayed in the logon language.

    3. You can also provide a list of values with the tag <entry>. You can also use labels defined in your dictionary (<ectr installation>\customize\dictionary\en\customer.txt)
  3. Once the user has set a value, the parameter defined in SU3 will be ignored. The preference is stored in the user.txt. Please make sure to remove the parameter in SU3 to prevent any confusion.

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