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In some cases it is necessary to update the VE Client Converter of ECTR to a later version. This update can be done either by installing a latest version of ECTR or by manually replacing the VE Client Converter directory. Since VE Client Converter is usually downward compatible, an exchange with a higher version is possible.


This guide explains the manual exchange of the VE Client Converter directory.

Check the currently used version

Check this file: <ECTR_INST_DIR>\VEConverter\VEConverter.exe

Update steps

VE Client Converter is shipped only together with ECTR and there is no separate installer for VE Converter.
  1. Download the latest available ECTR Frontend installation.
  2. Use 7ZIP to unzip the installation file: e.g. "SAPECTRF52SP02_0-70004593.EXE".
  3. Use 7ZIP to unzip the - file e.g. ...\SAPECTRF52SP02_0-70004593\ECTR\VEConverter\
  4. Delete the old VE Converter directory: <ECTR_INST_DIR>\VEConverter\
  5. Copy the unzipped directory VEConverter into the <ECTR_INST_DIR>\ directory.


  • When you do the next update of ECTR you have to delete the manually replaced VEConverter directory before running update to not confuse the ECTR installer.
  • In productive environment it is recommended to use VE Generator instead of the VE Client Converter.

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