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Setting default values for Document creation is described in chapter 'Prefilling Input Fields in the Document Creation Dialog' of the Configuration Guide of SAP ECTR.

During document creation / import on demand

Step-by-Step instructions


  1. in SAP, set the user parameter /DSCSAG/PLM_LABOR to placeholder @PLM_LABOR@
  2. in SAP, set the user parameter /DSCSAG/PLM_AUTHGRP to placeholder @PLM_AUTHGRP@

  3. create file plm_setenv_<ROLE_NAME>.bat inside <ECTR_INST_DIR>\customize\config with following content:

    REM Example for prefilling labor / authorization group using bat file
    REM set labor to value 002
    set PLM_LABOR=002
    REM set authorization group to TRUS

  4. Edit SAPlogon.txt:

     sap.logon.userrole.list = Z_PLMWUI_TRUSTED_USER

    (replace Z_PLMWUI_TRUSTED_USER with your desired role)

  5. comment out following lines(if they are there)

    #     sap.logon.cad_group_id1   = full
    #     sap.logon.cad_group_desc1 = Full function user


  6. optional, if you want to set some ECTR preferences depending on the assigned role:

    create file default_<ROLE_NAME>.txt inside <ECTR_INST_DIR>\customize\config and set some preferences in this file 



  7. (re)start ECTR and open document creation dialog

  8. Caution! if the role name contains some characters which are invalid for the filename (f.e. : ), then this characterst will be replaced by . Example: if the role is named "PLM:ADMIN" then the according name for the batch file will be plm_setenv_PLM_ADMIN.bat and the name of the preference file default_PLM_ADMIN.txt