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You want to start another ECTR to logon to another system without shutting down current ECTR instance


ECTR can be started multiple times if the dsc_StartPlm.exe is given a command line parameter  -PLMINSTID meaningful_ID_NAME

You can create multiple shortcuts on you desktop to the dsc_StartPlm.exe with different IDs.

Please chose an ID which can be used as part of filename because ECTR uses it as part of many directories to "isolate" different instances from each other!

To be able to distinguish between different running instances change the file

<ECTR_CONF_DIR>\customize\config\default.txt = $(inst_id) - $(application_name) ($(active_context))

This adds the <meaningful_ID_NAME> to the ECTR window title


<ECTR_INST_DIR>\basis\sys\win\bin\dsc_StartPlm.exe -PLMINSTID InstanceA
<ECTR_INST_DIR>\basis\sys\win\bin\dsc_StartPlm.exe -PLMINSTID InstanceB

Disclaimer: please avoid to start and work with CAD integrations in parallel in different ECTR instances, most of them will be "irritated" in such ECTR environment. This mode was supposed to mostly work with metadata, not for "heavy" work with CAD Integrations.

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