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ECTR shows generic objects with some data like Object Key and Object Type.

Examples forgeneric objects in ECTR are object links (DRAD) for Documents in the container "Linked Objects".

This example show a linked Quality Notification to a Document. The Quality Notification itself is not a "BrowseObject" in ECTR, it`s a generic object. In the standard there are no configuration-possibilties to define icons or functions (Call of SAP GUI Transaction) for this generic objects.

To enable the definition of icons and the call of transactions in SAP GUI you have the configure the following steps.

Practical Example: Quality Notification (Object Type = QMQMEL)

Define DisplayGroup, FunctionGroup and Icon

(warning) Note that QMQMEL is the Object Type which is shown in the ECTR Obejct Browser (Highlighting in Screenshot above).


#Definition of FunctionGroup
plm.brobj.generic.fgroup.QMQMEL = myQMQMEL

#Definition of DisplayGroup
plm.brobj.generic.dgroup.QMQMEL = myQMQMEL

#Definition of Icon
plm.brobj.generic.icon.myQMQMEL = {0}/sap/notification

Define an API-Function

(warning) Note: All BrGenericObjects have the following parameters which can be used in the API-Definition:

  • KEY
  • TYPE


    <function apiname="/DSCSAG/TRANSACTION_CALL2" name="QMQMEL_DISPLAY" refresh="true" transaction="bright" type="GENERIC">


            <parameter name="TCODE" string="QM03"/>



            <table foreach_object="false" name="IT_PARAMETERS">

                <parameter name="NAME" string="IQM"/>

                <parameter name="VALUE" value="KEY"/>





Define Function


+ = fnc.api.generic2(QMQMEL_DISPLAY)

Define Icons and Dictionaries for Function



fnc.api.generic2(QMQMEL_DISPLAY) = {0}/sap/display




fnc.api.generic2(QMQMEL_DISPLAY) = Display myQMQMEL


After the configurations (as described above) the Object Quality Notification is as follow:

Quality Notification with specified Icon:


Quality Notification with specified Functions: