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In general

In default for the cloning only one PTC Creo can be started.

If cloning is executed and a running PTC Creo is detected a corresponding message is displayed.

The running PTC Creo has to be closed before cloning can be executed.


From patch 34 of the SAP ECTR interface to PTC Creo it is possible to start an additional PTC Creo for the cloning.

The active PTC Creo session does no longer have to be closed.

This feature can be activated in the configurator of the SAP ECTR interface to PTC Creo:

SAP PLM > Settings > Advanced > Cloning

At least one other PTC Creo license has to be available.

For the cloning with an additional PTC Creo, a separate file is required.

This is located under "...\applications\pro\customize\creo\cloning".

Add your configuration options here, if required.


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