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Customers might want to replace the standard icons of SAP ECTR with own icons.


The standard icons for SAP ECTR are located in the "images.jar" file:


The mapping is defined in the „standard_icons.txt“ file:


It would be possible to replace the icons there, but this is not recommended!

Step-by-Step Guide

In this example we want to replace the dirty flag overlay icon with a red exclamation mark icon.

Generate custom "images.jar"

Like the standard icons, the custom icons have to be stored in a "images.jar" file. The easiest way is copying the standard "images.jar" to


With a zip software (e.g. WinZip) it is possible to replace the standard icons with custom icons.

Please note, all custom icons have to be in png format!

Some icons need to have different sizes, small / medium / large with 16x16 / 24x24 / 32x32 (Pixel).

Those have to be stored in the corresponding folders in the .jar file.

Also the custom icons can be stored in a custom folder directory.

Get the name of the function for the icon

For that reason the „standard_icons.txt“ is used

The function for the dirty flag is:


The {0}/ prefix is used if an icon should appear in different sizes.

Redefine icon key from „standard_icons.txt“ with „customer_icons.txt“

For this it is only necessary to add a line to „customer_icons.txt“.

Path: %INSTDIR%\customize\aux-files

The line has the following schema:

function = iconname

If the icons are stored in directories the path has to be given.

Save all and restart SAP ECTR