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Use Case

You want to achieve the following workflow:

  1. You have a 3D model and its drawing (dependent document) as source to create a similar design.
  2. You copy the 3D model (save as) to start your changes in your design. You do not copy the drawing (dependent document).
  3. Later, you want to create a drawing for the new 3D mode "target". As you don't want to start the drawing from scratch, you want to use the drawing from source as a "template".
    In you CAD system, you create a dependent document:
  4. You can choose the following option:
  5. Search for the existing "source" (template) drawing
  6. Your new drawing is created in CAD with the "source"-drawing as a template. You might need to refresh/regenerate the drawing/views.


Important is to use the "Select existing Drawing from SAP" in step 4.

In the dtype.xml of your application please add the following option:

<seedfile filename="please_select_from_sap.prt" type="sap" default="no" component_reference="yes" extension_filter="*.prt" dictionary_identifier="Seed_09"/>

Be aware to use the correct file extension for drawings in your CAD application: here for NX extension_filter="*.prt"