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Use Case

It shoul be possible to have different layouts based on roles.
E.g. A User with role "Engineering" should see all informations of a DIR. Another user with role "Manufacturing" should see only some relevant informations of a DIR.

Steps to define role-specific layouts

Create two different layouts for "Engineering" and "Manufacturing"

Layout for "Engineering with a lot of information in the Object Browser:

Create a new layout for "Manufacturing".

Change information in Object Browser and save it as layout:



Save Protected Layouts. (Overwrite existing sytem-layouts.txt):


Now there are two different layouts:


(warning) Note that the layouts are stored with an prefix "ADMIN":


Define roles for logon

In the SAPlogon.txt in <ECTR_INSTDIR>\customize\config\ it is possible to define roles.

Add two roles:

     sap.logon.cad_group_id1   = ENG
     sap.logon.cad_group_desc1 = Engineering
     sap.logon.cad_group_id2   = MFG
     sap.logon.cad_group_desc2 = Manufacturing
Configure role-specific defaults

Create in <ECTR_INSTDIR>\customize\config\ two different default-files (default_<role>.txt)



With the follwing preference to the file: = ADMINMANUFACTURING



With the follwing preference to the file: = ADMINENGINEERING
Use role in logon

Now it is possible to select the role (as CAD Group) in the logon.


The initial layout is now set to the defined role-specific layout.

(warning) Note that this works only initially. If a user want to use both roles, only the first initial role-specific layout are used.