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This feature helps the user to identify problems faster when opening documents for viewing or editing. Now, a dialog is displayed for the user, showing all documents that cause conflicts and providing options for resolving these conflicts.


Right-click a document.

Choose Open Original with Assistant or Open Original for Edit with Assistant to either open or edit the document using assistant.

The following window opens. In the window, all documents which will be provided additionally to the selected document are displayed.

If any conflicts exist, then the Issue View is shown.

Conflict: The component is checked-out in SAP by me, but missing in the working directory.

Conflict: The component must be provided in version 01, but is loaded and modified in CAD with version 00.

If there are no conflicts, the "Transfer view" is shown immediately.

The first two columns Working Directory and Application State displays whether the current version of the document is loaded in the working directory or the application.

In the column  Action, you can select and deselect the components you wish to transfer to the authoring system. 

The column Top Document displays which document is the header document. 

The column Has Error displays whether there are any conflicts regarding the document. 


The functions can be specified in

  • customize\config\menu_macro.txt
  • customize\config\menu.guidef



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