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The use of the "offline" mode and any possible loss of data during this use is in the responsibility of the customer.

In general

"Offline" mode means: Work in PTC Creo Parametric without a connected SAP ECTR (e.g. no network or work outside the company network).

SAP ECTR is generally not designed for "offline" mode.

This HowTo guide describes how you can nevertheless work "offline" with PTC Creo Parametric.

PTC Creo Parametric can still work with the local copies of the files in the session directory, even when there is no network connection.


For PTC Creo Parametric you need to assure, that the SAP ECTR Interface to PTC Creo is loaded (SAP PLM ribbon is available), so when saving a PTC Creo file (save counter in file extension will be increased, e.g. myPart.prt.5 → myPart.prt.6) SAP ECTR recognizes the changes, when again online.

The "Offline" mode is supported from Patch 24 of the SAP ECTR Interface to PTC Creo Parametric.

Please also note the PAM regarding dependencies:

Use a batch file to set necessary environment variables and to start PTC Creo Parametric with SAP ECTR Interface to PTC Creo.

E.g. "start_offline.bat":

set PLM_SESS_DIR= Session directory of the SAP ECTR
set PLM_INSTDIR_CONF= Optional: Directory to the global configuration of the SAP ECTR. If empty the configuration from the local installation is used.
rem If configured in the configurator of the SAP ECTR Interface to PTC Creo set the PTC Creo Parametric start command and the Execute in directory:
rem set CREOSTART= <path>\parametric.bat
rem set EXECUTEIN= <path>
rem Set the language for PTC Creo Parametric:
rem set LANG=...

call <SAP ECTR INST DIR>\applications\pro\basis\sys\win\bin\start_application_pro.exe


PTC Creo Parametric can start at first without a connection to the SAP ECTR.

However, to connect to a SAP ECTR later, it is already necessary to start the SAP ECTR Interface to PTC Creo Parametric with the PTC Creo Parametric in the "Offline" mode.

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