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Import of an Interchange Assembly can be done like a normal Assembly.

The Dtype of an Assembly can be used or a new Dtype for Interchange Assembly can be created.

From SP 00 Patch 34 of the SAP ECTR interface to PTC Creo the configuration file ...\pro\template-customize\config\Dtype.xml contains a suggestion of a Dtype for Interchange Assembly.


Due to technical reasons of PTC Creo take care to the following steps to take over all internal changes of the CAD originals to their SAP documents after an Interchange Assembly was modified in CAD:

  • If an already imported Interchange Assembly should be extended with new additional Parts the Interchange Assembly and the new added Parts has to be taken to Edit.
    Then Save or Save&Display has to be executed to take over all modified CAD originals of the new added Parts and the Interchange Assembly to their SAP documents.
  • This is also necessary if a new (not yet imported) Interchange Assembly is extended with already imported Parts.
    Import imports only the new Interchange Assembly, but not the added already imported Parts.
    (When added to the Interchange Assembly the Parts are extended with internal technical CAD information which also has to be taken over to their SAP documents)

By default in the SAP ECTR Import dialog the Dtype for an Assembly is set in the Dtype selection field.

Other Assembly Dtypes (e.g. Interchange Assembly) can be selected by the pulldown menu.

Precondition: Other Dtypes for Assemblies are configured in the configuration file dtype.xml.

If the corresponding Dtype for Interchange Assembly should be preset automatically in the selection field of the SAP ECTR dialog the configuration file dtype.xml can be configured as follows:

The number in the field <sort_key="..."> of the Dtype for Interchange Assembly has to be smaller than the number for other Assemblies.

If the Dtypes are configured in the appropriate order the correspondig Dtype is preset for an Interchange Assembly.


 <DType type="master"


 <DType type="master"

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