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This wiki page describes the importance of HOT NEWS note 1829573.


The SAP note 1829573 has priority HOT NEWS (Very High) and must be implemented in all systems. 

Note Importance

The SAP note 1829573 corrects several issues related to Batch Determination, especially in the classification data. In fact, it does update the batch determination logic to a robust and better structure avoiding critical errors and keeping the system consistent.

The note description does not explain in detail all the changes. However, it does corrects issues related to selection criteria, classification, wrong selection of batches and the issues in display mode.

So, if you find error in your system related to the batch determination and the selection criteria, you should implement this note before opening a support incident at SAP.

The note is valid for component SAP_APPL (support package) below the following releases:



To find the support package information in your system, just lock on menu SYSTEM -> STATUS. 

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