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LSMW Validation

Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW)
The LSM Workbench is an R/3-based tool that supports, when transferring data from non-SAP systems ("Legacy Systems") to R/3 once or periodically.
The data can then be imported into the R/3 system via batch input, direct input, BAPIs or IDocs.Furthermore, the LSM Workbench provides a recording function that allows to generate a "data migration object" in an entry or change transaction.
Operate with Transaction code :-LSMW
The below example mainly will help you to upload batch document in LSMW.

Create the Project, Subproject and Object in the LSMW Transaction.

Press F8
1. Maintain Object Attributes

Do the recording to create DIR .
Create recording

It will direct us to T code CV01N crate DIR attaché the document then save it .

Save it and go back: screen (a) will appear, again go back screen (b) will appear place record input which we have created Save and go back.
a b

2. Maintain Source Structures

Object overview List

For easy reference copy the source file to Excel sheet and tabulate it has horizontal format then copy that in .txt .

Create source structure save and go back

3. Maintain Source Fields

Mainten table as shown screen (c) save it and go back

c d

4. Maintain Structure Relations

save and go back

5. Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

Accept all proposal Continue till Auto file mapping is completed.

Save and back

6.Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines(Optional)

7. Specify Files
Specify the input file

8. Assign files

9. Read Data
Execute the read data step to read the input file data.

10. Display Read Data optional just to confirm the how many data to upload

12. Display and Convert Data
The validations will take place when we execute the convert data step. The error records will download to the specified file path if there any and same will be displayed here as shown below

13. Create Batch Input Session

12. Run Batch Input Session

Thus continue with this process document can be uploaded with given source file hence will create the specified DIR.



Continue till all the DIR created (as per input given in source file).

For more information


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