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This content has been created to explain the system behaviour when Master Inspection Characteristics have been maintained in multiple languages on the SAP system.



MICs can be maintained in different languages. The system behaviour regarding the language display of the MICs is based on whether a reference characteristic was used or copy models. It is not dependent on the logon language.

Language choice of Master Inspection Characteristics

An MIC can be maintained as a copy model or as a reference characteristic.

Copy Model

  • When an inspection plan is created, all copied master inspection characteristics will be copied into the plan in the logon language. For example, if the user logged on in EN and created an inspection plan, the English texts will be copied with the copied master inspection characteristic. Hence, the characteristics will always be displayed in the language in which the plan was created without taking into account the logon language of the user.

Reference characteristics

  • If you create an inspection plan, the reference characteristic won't be copied into the inspection plan, there will be only a reference to it. This means, when you create an inspection lot, the language, in which the short text of the characteristic is displayed, depends on the logon-language by the inspection lot creation. But after the creation, there will be no reference to the master characteristic anymore, therefore if you logon in other language the short text will not be changed.

Enhancement QEEM0032 can be used to change the text of the characteristic which is shown in the results recording.

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