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As mentioned in the SAP note 1505872. the new ECL Viewer 7.0 stand alone installation is available on the SAP Service Marketplace from now on. Please read the information in this note carefully to know about the necessary prequisites for using the new Viewer without problems.

 The latest available patch at the moment is number 12. For further information on the involved improvements please see the SAP note 1904405.

Based on our installation experience please close all open applications or reboot your PC. Then start the installtion using the EXE file and the context menu option "run as administrator". Sometimes this is important to make sure that all DLL are registered correctly. Afterwards reboot your PC again and then test if the crash still appears.

Generally it is always recommended to use the lastest available patches for the ECL Viewer, because the corrections are always delivered within the new patches by the ECL Viewer vendor. For information on the planned release dates for patches in 2013 and the related notes for the existing please see the SAP note 1805925. At the moment the tentative planned release dates are


Release Date

Patch 12:

Calendar Week 35 of 2013

Patch 13:Calendar Week 38 of 2013
 Patch 14:Calendar Week 51 of 2013



  1. Unknown User (1072nxx7g)


    Can you provide an update on the status of ECL Viewer 7.0?  Has a new release date been established?  I keep checking SAP Note 1417900 but it has not been available for at least five weeks.


    Roy Shipman

  2. Hi Roy,

     based on my latest information the ECL Viewer vendor and the SAP DMS development department are working hard to finish and publish the new ECL Viewer version. Unfortunately I have no detailed release date at the moment. But as soon as the new version will be available I will update this page and there will be also a released SAP note.

    Best regards,


  3. Unknown User (rcr1b32)

    Hello Christoph,

    does the new Viewer supports more than one instance? Currently we are using ECL Viewer 6.0 to display two TIF-Files at the same time in a split-container. It is not easy to switch between the two instances of the viewer. You have to click on the menu and on the diplayed TIF to switch between the viewer-instances.



  4. Hi Martin,

    after testing the behavior with the pre-released version of the ECL Viewer 7.0 I have to inform you that switching between two open ECL Viewer windows still requires that the control is handed over to the new window by clicking for example the 'Menu'-buttons in the viewer window.

    Best regards,

  5. Hi all,

    I can't find the installation notes for the ECL Viewer 7.0 Current version of the notes informs about 6.0 standalone install. Should we uninstall the bundled ECL Viewer that comes with 720 version of the frontend? And will it workout if we install 720 without the bundled version and then install the 7.0 standalone?



  6. Hi Petr,

    at the moment the ECL Viewer 7.0 is only available as stand-alone installation. So I would recommend you to install the SAPGUI 720 without ECL Viewer and then in a second step please install the new ECL Viewer 7.0 by using the stand-alone installation files.

    Best regards,


  7. Hi,

    we have tested the new patch level 11 and found a big problem when viewing TIFF files (maybe valid for all support files).

    The viewing is possible the first time. If we switch back and run cv04n=>DIR again and double click on the original file the viewer does not show up but we get the well known errorr message "server is not answering". The SAP GUI client has then to be closed via the task manager.

    With patch level 9 and 10 we don't have this problem, only when doing a lot of redlining, measuring.

    Is this problem known? Any patch / workaround available?


    Florian Wiedemann

  8. Hi Florian,

    We have the same Problem on different Workstations, but it is not reproducible. we have the error on XP and Windows7, ECL7 Patchlevel 8,9,10,11.

    Best Regards,

  9. Hi,

    are there any experience data of the actual PL 16 of the ECL Viewer 7.0? Does it really solve the problem with the dialogue "windows not responding"?

    Kind regards

    Florian Wiedemann


  10. Hi,

    We have the same Situation with "Server is busy"  message on accessing especially TIF, since we upgraded to EHP7.
    In parallel we updated SAPGUI to version 7.40 and ECL viewer PL17. Its just on a couple of workstations, but it´s really annoying,
    since we have no hint about the cause.

    Thanks and best regards
    Martin Schneider

  11. Former Member


    We share the same experiences as Martin Schneider.

    We have the same situation with "Server is busy"  message on accessing documents with doc-type TIF. We are using EHP6 and SAPGUI 7.40 and ECL viewer PL19. Its just on a couple of Workstations. The Workstations which are using the document display a lot (> 100 views per day). Other which are using the function just occasionally do not Show the Problem.

    We are Aware of the Problem since Jan 2013 (until now). It became better with new Releases of ECL Viewer, however the problem never really disappeared.

    We found the actual cause is the hanging windows-process VisView.exe. If the user terminates this process the document display often works again. Sometimes a restart of the workstation is necessary.

    Kind regards

    Roland Trost

  12. Hi,

    also with ECL Viewer PL20 the problem still persists for heavy users that view a lot of TIFF files. For PL21 I still miss empirical values. The changelog auf PL21 claims to fix the following problems:


    •   Probleme bei der Anzeige von Dateien des Typs PNG wurden behoben.
    •     Das Stempelproblem für TIFF-Datentypen wurde behoben.

     Kind regards


  13. Hi all,


    we still have this issue also with the latest patch (21).

    Today i found 2 Sap notes (2347949 & 1857459 ) regarding a new release 10.0 of ECL Viewer and very important
    the end-of-life date 9/1/2016 for ECL Viewer 7.0.

    But, i am not able to find the new Version in the SWDC?

    I´m really suprised!