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The notification can be saved without entering any value in the field of the item, which is set to required field in customizing.

The behaviour is the same with the fields of the tasks, activities and causes.
Reproducing the Issue

1. Maintain a field for the item (task, activity or cause) as required field in customising, for example 'Assembly' (VIQMFE-BAUTL)

2. Call the transaction QM01/QM02

3. Save the notification without adding a new item (task, activity or cause) and without entering any value in the required field, for example 'Assembly' 

4. The notification can be saved without any error message   

The check for the required fields on item level (task, activity and cause) in standard is only executed if you add a new item (task, activity and cause) to the notification.

1. Add a new item (task, activity, cause) to the notification. The message ' Make an entry in all required fields - Message no. 00055) appears.

The notification can not be saved without entering a value in the required field.


2. You can implement your individual check for the required fields using userexit QQMA0014 or BAdI NOTIF_EVENT_SAVE, which are called by saving notification.


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