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You change the vendor batch number in batch master using transaction MSC2N.

The field 'vendor batch number' has not been updated in the inspection lot.
Reproducing the Issue

  1. Call the transaction MSC2N
  2. Change the field 'vendor batch number'
  3. Save the new batch data
  4. The field 'vendor batch number' (QALS-LICHN) has not been updated in inspection lot

Missing functionality.

QALS-LICHN is only a kind of 'information-field' which is transferred from the batch master at the time of inspection lot creation.

The changes in batch master which have been executed after inspection lot creation are not transferred to the inspection lot.  

You can use the BADI BATCH_MASTER for this purpose.

The BADI is called using transaction MSC2N.

The value of the field MCHA-LICHA has to be transferred in the field QALS-LICHN in your implementation.

The selection can be executed by the the fields Batch, Material and Plant.