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SAP Note 1170161- System fields in shared memory of the ICF runtime 

When you execute Web Dynpro ABAP applications (such as Collaboration Projects) in a portal environment, various problems may occur.
The runtime error ASSERTION_FAILED may occur in the Web Application Server ABAP in the method CL_WDR_CLIENT_ABSTRACT_HTTP=>HANDLE_RESOURCE because the header field '~path_info_expanded' for the request object contains unexpected content. 

SAP Note 1260386 - ICF service link/alias to BSP/ITS service is incorrect

When you call the service link or alias, an error occurs immediately after the logon.
For ITS IAC services, the following error occurs:
"Template interpretation cancelled, template does not exist".
For BSP services, the following error occurs, for example:
"BSP Exception: the BSP URL ... Does Not Contain Any Namespace Entries." or "BSP Exception: the BSP URL ... Does Not Contain Any
Application Entries."

Generally, other reasons cause these error messages to occur. First, check whether you can call the service directly without a link or an alias. This is only the problem if the service works without the link or the alias.

SAP Note 986790 - ICF: ICF buffer filled because of special suffixes

As of Basis Release 7.00, buffering of ICF requests is converted to a shared object.
Some applications attach a temporary characteristic (in addition to the URL) to the path description. This suffix is mostly dynamic and, therefore, each request is individually written to the buffer. As a result, the buffer size increases unnecessarily.



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