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QM-PT  Quality Planning

1960309 - Input Help Does not Find any Sampling Procedures for Inspection Points from Manufacturing  HOT fix

61049 - Transporting QM master data between systems

1911886 - Transaction code QS41 and QS51 ask transport request

332626 - Inspection plan: Restoration after deletion

QM-IM-IL Inspection lot creation


1832772 - Quality inspection lot number skip
2112741 - Inspection plan is not selected when inspection lot is created; Inspection lot status is CRTD
2136634 - Status SPRQ is missing for an inspection lot

2346209 - Sample size is zero, results recording not possible after system update     HOT fix
2186161 - Goods movement cancellation does not cancel inspection lot     HOT fix

QM-IM-RR  Result Recording


1649587 - Explanation of the database table structure in the results recording in quality management

1680949 - Customizing or SAP application menu for the "Copy Inspection Results" function is missing.

1716024 - How to change inspection results after usage decision

1961265 - Not all Characteristic Results Found

2017397 - QE51N: End of inspection before beginning of inspection   HOT fix

2237411 - QM: Calculation of median value in results recording

QM-IM-UD  Usage Decision


48815   - Checking possible inconsistencies between MM and QM

Comment : This note can be used if you find inspection lot with no inspection stock, or inspection stock without inspection lot.

2047627 - There is no response if users click the pencil icon in report ZQEVAC20 provided by note 48815

174877 - UD: status inconsistency suspected for inspection lot

717622 - Stock: Inconsistencies between MMBE and MD04

Comment : The Z reports included in the above notes should be created manually in SE38.  You can find the coding inside the notes. They cannot be implemented by SNOTE.


33924   - Reversing usage decisions

Comment : Read the documentation of the user exit QEVA0008 in SMOD. Then you'll know how to do it.


175842 - Inspection lot: Reversal of goods movements from usage decision

Comment : This note can be used if you want to cancel the GR material document. Firstly you have to reverse the stock posting from UD by this note.

1632802 - Error Message TR015 when trying to create report RQEVAC50

Comment : Note the restrictions of the report, eg. serial numbers are not supported.  Pay attention to manual steps required.  Otherwise, error M7096 might occur.

2117983 - How to return stock to delivery if stock is already posted during usage decision

2161987 - Automatic usage decision for results recording  

2191172 - Automatic reversal and automatic closing of inspection lots

1935699 - QA11: Stock inconsistency after status change in batch stock   HOT fix

Comment : Apply this note if you are using batches and find MCHB and MARD inconsistency after posting stock in QA11.

1699641 - QA16 : Usage decision made with disallowed selected set        HOT fix

2114045 - Error QV121 while making usage decision

Comment : System design has changed after applying this note.  It is no longer possible to use disallowed selected set in QA16.  You can set an allowed selected set in customizing view V_TQ30.

1805920 - QA11 : Field for person who made changes is filled                   HOT fix

Comment : System design has changed after applying this note.  The field QAVE-VAENAME (Person who Changed the Usage Decision) is only updated if you use transaction QA12 to change UD.  It is no longer filled by QA11.


1970287 - FAQ about the Usage Decision

2022028 - UD code drop down list displays selected sets for all plants

QM-QC  Quality Control

844979 - Unintelligible inspection stage change

942073 - Change of the quality level

86925 - Skip Lots - Documentation

612299 - Inspection stage is skipped or executed too often


QM-QN  Quality Notifications


1922095 - Notification number assignment is not continuous when creating quality notification using transaction QM01 or using defect recording functionalities

636992 - FAQ: Time zones in notification

2236787 - Customer screen in notification isn't compressed anymore       HOT fix



Notes in blue are advance development.

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