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OSGi services consumed by SAP ECTR are services that are supposed to be implemented in third party extensions.

The following OSGI Services are avaiable:

OSGi service


Available since SAP ECTR Version

ApplicationFileHandlerApplicationFileHandler is called every time, when files are provided into or removed from the working directory.

ObjectExtensionServiceObjectExtensionService provides extensions for editing of fields of PLM objects.
At the moment the implemented extension is editing of fields description and longtext of a document info record in document create dialog, in import on demand dialog and in object browser in edit mode.
PluginProcessServicePluginProcessService is meant for the retrieval of the PluginProcess-object.
Using this Interface it is possible to create own Processes wich can be called from Application through the PlmConnectors method callPlmProcess and thus enhance the Application/CAD Integration with new functionality.
PluginFunctionServicePluginFunctionService is meant for the retrieval of the PluginFunction-object.
Using this Interface it is possible to create own User Actions in ECTR and thus to enhance ECTR with your own functionality.

PluginContextPluginContext is an object which represents an ECTR context window in the plugin framework. Using this Interface it is possible to create own context windows in ECTR.

PluginObjectBrowserTabService is meant for the retrieval of the PluginObjectBrowserTab-object. Using this interface it is possible to implement new tabs for a specific object in Object Browser.

LicenseChecker allows administrators to control which users/groups can get which licenses. This prevents users from using expensive licenses they don't need according to their usage profiles. The service is only used when SAP allows a user a certain action.

Please find an example for the implementation of this service here!
ApplCreateDocumentsExtensionServiceApplCreateDocumentsExtensionService influences import-on-demand processes.

This method is called by the frontend on shutdown. The implementations are collected when ECTR is shut down and executed before ECTR shutdown hooks. The information concerning the execution is written into the debug file.
SearchProviderAllows the embedding of search providers in the ECTR Quick Search.

Please note that names of add-ons mustn't contain spaces.

Allowed characters are: [A-Za-z0-9,\-\+\.]

In order to avoid conflicts, we recommend adhering to JAVA package naming conventions.
Quote: “Companies use their reversed Internet domain name to begin their package names—for example, com.example.mypackage for a package named mypackage created by a programmer at”


Examples for partner solutions: "com.cideon.conversionEngineCockpit", "", "com.dscsag.keepassLogon", ...

The names for preferences should start with a similar convention: e.g. PRO.delete.PTCCreoUniteTechnologyFiles = CAT;SLW;UGS;PCE