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OSGi services provided by SAP ECTR

OSGi services provided by SAP ECTR are services that are supposed to be used by third party extensions.

The following OSGI Services are available:

OSGi serviceDescription

Available since SAP ECTR Version


RfcExecutor provides possibility to execute RFC modules on Backend ECTR connected to.
PlmLoggerPlmLogger can be used to log messages to the PLM log file.


PlmDictionary provides access to the PLM dictionary.

PlmEnvironmentPlmEnvironment provides access to the PLM environment.
PlmLogonDataPlmLogonData is an interface which provides information about the connected ECTR Backend, like destination, username and so on.
PlmPreferencesPlmPreferences provides access to preferences5.1.8.1


ResourceAccessor provides access to resources like icons and images
ObjectListServiceWith ObjectListService it is possible to manage object lists in ECTR.
DisplayTableSelectionDialogServiceDisplayTableSelectionDialogService displays objects in an object selection dialog and lets the user select them.
NotificationBroadcastingServiceNotificationBroadcastingService informs the user when there are new SAP inbox messages.
ExpandObjectListExpandObjectList  expands an object list with the specified name.
GetObjectListNamesGetObjectListNames provides names of all available object lists.


PlmCacheController clears the content of the cache. Since all data has to be read again afterwards, which may harm performance, use this service only when cache data is certainly invalid for some reason.
OperationCreateService OperationCreateService makes it possible to enhance operations in attribute creation and transfer (attributes-from-sap.xml and attributes-to-sap.xml).

Please note that names of add-ons mustn't contain spaces.

Allowed characters are: [A-Za-z0-9,\-\+\.]

In order to avoid conflicts, we recommend adhering to JAVA package naming conventions.
Quote: “Companies use their reversed Internet domain name to begin their package names—for example, com.example.mypackage for a package named mypackage created by a programmer at”


Examples for partner solutions: "com.cideon.conversionEngineCockpit", "", "com.dscsag.keepassLogon", ...