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Sometimes it may happen that the display of document info record details in transactions CV02N or CV03N needs more time as expected. For users this decrease in performance does not make any sense.


If you trace this process with the help of transaction SE30 and the performance trace you may see that most of the time is used by function module DOCUMENT_HIERARCHY_CHECK. The reason for the loss in performance is due to the following coding:

Main Program     SAPLCV110
Source code of   LCV110F01
FORM             D101_INIT_FIELDS
IF gf_transaction <> c_dms_create.
       EXPORTING: pf_dokar            = gs_draw-dokar
                  pf_doknr            = gs_draw-doknr
                  pf_dokvr            = gs_draw-dokvr
                  pf_doktl            = gs_draw-doktl
                  ps_draw             = draw
       IMPORTING: pfx_hierarchie_flag = mcdok-cvhier
       EXCEPTIONS: not_found           = 1
                   OTHERS              = 2.

** 2. check if the document is father of other documents
  SELECT SINGLE dokar FROM draw INTO lf_dokar
  WHERE prear = pf_dokar AND
        prenr = pf_doknr AND
        prevr = pf_dokvr AND
        pretl = pf_doktl.
  IF sy-subrc = 0.
    pfx_hierarchie_flag = 'X'.

In case that there are a lot of entries in table DRAW which needs to be checked by the "SELECT SINGLE" statement the opening of the document info record may need more time.


To avoid this hiearchy check in your system you have to change the customizing for the relevant document types in transaction DC10. Therefore please switch the value for the 'Hierarchy' flag to
value 'Suppress field' and afterwards please test the performance again. With this value the hierarchy check will be avoided and the performance should be better again.