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Base on note 187162 price in sales document can be affected by reference characteristics.


One pre-requistion of this function is that the reference characteristic must be assigned to a variant class from the configuration
profile of the material to be configured. To make sure this is fullfilled, program analysis could be done to check if the correct
reference characteristic is assigned to the correct variant class.

Take the sales order for example.

1) Goto VA02, choose the item and goto configuration screen.


2) Goto debugging mode with /h and hit enter, you will goto the screen. You may also use new debugger.


3) Enter internal table MI in the field names.

4) Double click MI to display the fields and values in it. Then add ATTAB and ATFEL to check the values for these two
specific fields.



5) Scroll done to check the whole table content to see if there is an entry with ATTAB=SDCOM and ATFEL=VKOND. If the
reference characteristic has been added to the class then there should be at least one entry with ATTAB=SDCOM and
ATFEL=VKOND. If all the entries in the internal table MI have no ATTAB=SDCOM and ATFEL=VKOND, then it means the
reference characteristic is not added to the class.

To find out which characteristic is refering to SDCOM-VKOND that need to be added to the class.

1) Go back to the configuration screen. Goto menu path:


2) Make the settings like below and activate the trace.


3) Change the characteristic value that you think should affect the condition data of the sales document:




 4) Deactivate the trace and display it:

5) In the trace list try to find a characteristic called "Pricing", "SDCOM" or "VKOND" and some other names looks like has the
relation with the pricing procedure. If no such name exists, you need to check the characteristics which are listed on the trace
list one by one.


6) Open any possible characteristic in CT04:


Check the additional data tab to see if the characteristic is referencing the correct structure field:



7) After the correct characteristic is located, you need to open the configuration profile for this material in CU42 and add
the characteristic to the configuration class. Or if you know which class it is, you can directly open the class in CL02 and
add the characteristic to the class.

After this try to create sales order again for the material and change the characteristic value to see if it can affect the pricing
condition correctly.