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This function allows you to change the process, even after the project has started, by choosing a new item type or initiative type. Detailed Information can you find in the Online Help under the following link:

Prerequisition for the usage of the functionality "Change Process" is an active switch: area 0002 / name 0004 (Change of Phase/Decision Point Process).


If you create an Item of Item type linked to "Project system", then in the pop-up of the "Change Process" - the Item types which are linked to "Project System" are displayed. The compatibility is such that you can switch between Item types of same link (either Project Management or Project system). It´s not possible to switch between item-types of Project Management and Project System.


BAdI /RPM/EX_ITEM_CHNG_PROC_BADI with method MODIFY can be used to enhance the process feature.




Debugging Tips can you find under: Process Flow Change (Tips)


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