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SAP offers a Product Availability Matrix (PAM) for all its products. The PAM describes compatibility to required products (prerequisite), optional products which can be installed on top, predecessor and successor versions of the product. In the PAM you can navigate to the individual Add-On product, predecessor or successor.

On the tab Details&Dates you will find information like the End-of-Maintenance

For CAD interfaces you can find all details about the compatibility of the CAD release, the ECTR interface release, the ECTR release, SAP GUI release and OS release by navigating down into the essential information:

This allows to navigate down to a ECTR interface specific page and the release note containing the improvements, corrections and changes to support new CAD releases.

Electrical / Electronic CAD systems:

Mechanical CAD systems:

The PAM for the ECTR interface usually shows a short term date for the "End of mainstream maintenance". Usually this is maximum 1 year in advance, however either the date will be extended when it's coming close to that given date, or there will be a newer release available in "Upgrade to" section.

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