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Exit QAAT0001

This exit is commonly used to control the creation of inspection lots.

This exit has the following components:




Inspection Type Determination for Variant 01


Inspection Type Determination in HUM


Inspection Type Determination for Variant 01


What I should keep in mind

When you activate this exit or a single component in this exit it is important to maintain the correspondent export parameters.

The most important line in these components Includes is:

E_TQ32 = I_TQ32.

This line should be maintained prior to adding your own coding. If this line is not processed this will lead to an error.


You can avoid the inspection lot creation using the include ZXQAAU01 from EXIT_SAPLQAAT_002 by setting E_NO_INSPECTION to X.

You can change the inspection type i.e. from variant 01 to variant i.e. 05 01ZZ (Customer defined inspection type) This can depend on any of the import parameters.


You can use this exit to determine an inspection type for an inspection origin other than variant 01, in this case the material and plant can determine the inspection type used.

Example in Plant 1 there is an inspection type X used for a GR and in Plant 2 there is an inspection type Y used for the same purpose.

In this way different inspection type settings for the material master be used for different plants.


EXIT_SAPLQMHU_001 (inspection type determination explicitly for HUM) : The table T_HUPOS normally contains the handling units, for which an inspection lot is created. By deleting entries in this table, you can ensure that fewer handling units are assigned to and inspected in the inspection lot. Note the following restrictions:

  • You cannot add new entries to the table.
  • A change in the table only affects the inspection lot and therefore the inspection. For example, all of the handling units in the Handling Unit Monitor are transfer posted.
  • You cannot delete all entries in the table. If you really don't want to inspect any handling unit, you must set the indicator E_NO_INSPECTION to 'X'.
I hope that this makes things a bit clearer
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