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How to use this knowledge space?

Our goal is to provide product information for customers and partners about where they can find the products and what E2E processes are relevant for them.
The material we provide are based on actual customer and partner requests.

On this page you will find shortcuts to documents and other information sources. These contain general functional information of the Recipe Development product. Our aim is to help you in the implementation process, so expect the material to be fairly technical. 

For the different phases of product implementation (presales, planning/blueprinting and implementation) there are different people working on the topics. We collected the relevant info grouped by these phases:




Information Material



  • SAP: Sales
  • Customer: IT/CEO
  • Partner: Sales


  • SAP: Consultant
  • Customer: Business Expert
  • Partner: Consultant


  • SAP: Low-level Consultant
  • Customer: Developer
  • Partner: Developer


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