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 Whenever a new version of a Document Info Record (DIR) is created or a  DIR is created using another DIR as template, the original files copied  to the new DIR still refers to the source DIR until the file is edited once.(checked out and checked in). This is the standard behaviour,  however there is no option to copy the files for the new DIR at the time of creation, instead of creating files via reference.

Due to this reference you might face error message during deletion of the original in the new created document info record for example or if you made changes to this original in one version you will see the same changes also in the new version too. 


If you want to break up this reference automatically during the creation process of the new document info record you will find a solution proposal in SAP note 1450267. Therefore BADI DOCUMENT_MAIN01 with method AFTER_SAVE has to be used with the function call in the following way:

IS_DOKAR = draw-dokar
IS_DOKNR = draw-doknr
IS_DOKVR = draw-dokvr
IS_DOKTL = draw-doktl.