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Active controls / active components (like ActiveX) are not supported by most of the browser vendors anymore. Only IE11 still supports them, SAP announced to de-support IE11 for certain UI-frameworks. See SAP Note 2692483.
To use Status Reports, Approvals, ... in browsers like Google Chrome or Edge - without Adobe Interactive forms you can use this new functionality.

With this functionality, the Adobe Interactive forms in Project Management are replaced for Print Fact sheets, Print Notes, Status Reports, Approvals.

This new functionality is available from below SPs - as Precondition:

ReleaseSupport Package
CPRXRPM 610_740Upgrade CPRXRPM component to CPRXRPM 610_740 SP14 or higher
EPPM 100Upgrade EPPM component to EPPM 100 SP08 or higher
S4CORE 102Upgrade S4CORE component to S4CORE 102 SPS06 or higher
S4CORE 103Upgrade S4CORE component to S4CORE 103 FPS04 or higher

(When your system is on a lower support package level - then "Adobe Interactive Forms" must be used with Internet Explorer Browser 11 as browser.)

To use the new functionality the following switches must be activated (X):

Project Status ReportArea 0006Name 0064Project Status Report Without Interactive Forms ("X"=Activated, " "=Deactivated)X
Approval DocumentsArea 0006Name 0065Approval Documents Without Interactive Forms ("X"=Activated, " "=Deactivated)X
NotesArea 0006Name 0067Note Printing Without Interactive Forms("X"=Activated, " "=Deactivated)X
Fact SheetsArea 0006Name 0068Fact Sheet Printing Without Interactive Forms ("X"=Activated, " "=Deactivated)X

See SAP Notes:
2850870 - Implementation Note : Replacement of Adobe Interactive forms in Project Management
2879652 - Implementation Note : Replacement of Adobe Interactive forms in Project Management (Print Fact sheet, Print Notes)


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