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Welcome to the Document Management area. This is the WIKI starting point for topics around SAP Document Management. Please feel free to create new pages and extend the existing ones. If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment. Generally a lot of useful customizing and setup information for DMS can be found also in the SAP Online Documentation for DMS. In the below grid you will find additional information on necessary or useful settings or information on how to avoid known bugs in DMS. 

Disclaimer: Content Accuracy is assured as much as possible. Discretion advised.


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  1. Unknown User (iaswkz9)

    Hi Christopf.

    I would like to share m knowledge of Easy DMS, if thats okay with you? How do I add a Page under Easy DMS?

    Best Regards,

    Per Møller

  2. Hi Per,

     of course you can add your topics to EasyDMS. To create a new page just click on 'Add Page'. The new page will be opened and you can enter your information and title. To link this page to the DMS start page you just have to add the lable 'dms_eui'. Then the system will link your new page to the DMS start page and put it to the EasyDMS section.

    You will find the 'Edit' button for labels in the top area of the new page.

    Best regards,


  3. Unknown User (oqxsihn)


    I'm work in SAP several months, and my task is to learn everything about DMS. Of course, I need help in this becouse my companiy is never worked in that modul of SAP. Can you help me somehow? My mail adress is, and it will be nice to send me some documents about SAP DMS.

    Best regards,


  4. Hi Dragana,

    regarding DMS information I can recommend you to see the SAP Online Documentation at You can post detailed questions also in the DMS forum here in the SDN too.  I'm also having only the online documentation myself.

     Best regards,


  5. Hi,

    We are a Professional Services company and we are trying to implement DMS for storing projects documentation under cprojects. We have decided to use an external file server for storing documents.

    I know there are some customizing steps to configure correctly DMS (SPRO). My question is, what kind of RFC Destination must be setup for Display and Maintenance Destination in "Define Document Area" step? I can  guess that a TCP RFC, but to wich program it must be pointing?

    I have many others questions but please, help me with this one by now .

    Thanks a lot,

    Erick Acosta

  6. Hi Erick,

     thanks for this question. As far as I know the SAPHTTP connection could be used for such a behavior. However I'm not the RFC expert. I would kindly ask you to post your question also in the SDN Forum for DMS. Here are a lot of DMS experts and they will surely help you to answer this question.

     Best regards,


  7. Unknown User (jqzrj01)

    Hi Christoph, hi Per,

    I'm working on a SAP project of DMS management with EasyDMS.

    I've read that the requirements for the EastDMS 7.0 are the PLM Web User Interface, it means than the Company should upgrade the System with the Support Package 4, correct? This requirement is needed also with the EasyDMS version 6.0? and previous?

    May be is possible to do a puntual SAP OSS note installation?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your support.

    Kind Regards,


  8. Hi Allessandro,

     from my experience I can inform you that EasyDMS 7.0 works also fine with release ERP2005 and ERP2004 and it is not mandatory to upgrade your system to Enhancement Package 4.  For more general information on EasyDMS 7.0 please see also the SAP note 1276709 (FAQs). I would recommend you to install the latest support package version of EasyDMS 7.0 which is SP04 (see note 1374633). Additionally you can also post your questions on DMS and EasyDMS in the SDN forum too.

     Best regards,


  9. Unknown User (jqzrj01)

    Hi Christoph

    I've made the DMS Settings, installed the EasyDMS-SP04, created public and private folders, but if I try to create/copy a document with EasyDMS an error occurs: "Item category D not defined"; I havent found any "Help" for the EasyDMS (something similar exists?) I hypothesised than could be due to the Business Function PLMU/WEB_UI missing.. What do you think about?

    Thanks again for your assistance!!



  10. Hi Alessandro,

    this error message indicates to me that there is maybe some problem with the settings for document BOM. Because the folder structure in EasyDMS is just a document BOM in the backend system and here item category D is used for documents. So I think this is maybe a BOM related question.

    However such questions should be posted in the DMS forum under and not as comment to this page.

    Best regards,


  11. Anonymous

    Hello DMS users,

    Just wanted to share some information on SAP Document Management.

    Document Management in SAP for an end user means Document Key, constructed with unique Document numbering, Document type, Document Version. Document is further enriched by maintaining attribute meta-data like classification, authorizations and placing them in secure vaults. Maturity of Document could be managed by various Document Statuses which could trigger events for workflow based collaboration across departments like engineering, manufacturing, suppliers, sourcing etc.

    One of the best kept secrets of SAP is the ability to directly integrate bi-directionally with Multi CAD software's available in the market like CATIA, ProE, UG NX, AutoCAD and more with SAP DMS. These integrations provide out of the box value added capabilities like enriching Title Block, Redlining, Conversion to neutral files etc. The above solution is realized by Engineering Desktop which is built on top of SAP DMS.

    SAP has mature and robust Document management and CAD integration which is now further improved in conjunction with PLM roadmap in PLM 7.0 to include TREX based indexing for fast search results in Web based UI. 

     Read more on What's New in SAP Document Management which includes the new Web based UI, New Engineering Desktop, Product Visualization capabilities, enhanced and even stronger authorization concepts and SAP Easy Document Management 7.0.\\

  12. Hi all,

    it seems that due to changes in the SDN structure the above link has changed. The currently working link is:

  13. Unknown User (m32lam9)


    I am trying to use the functionality of Message in DMS. I tried to configure it through SPRO -> Cross Application Components -> Document Management --> Message.

    But still, the functionality is not working. 

    Please guide me.

  14. Hi Sumit,

    Unfortunatly, I have to inform you that the function you mentionned is no longer available in standard since release 46A. Please see the SAP note 369913 which explains why this functionality was disabled and provides also a possible workaround.

  15. Unknown User (m32lam9)


    I am trying to add a screen area in the transaction CV04N for the selection screen. Is there any user exit or BADi available for the same.


  16. Hi Sumit,

    please note that questions on DMS functionalities or transaction must be posted as discussion in the Document Management space

    So please put your question in a discussion and not as comments to WIKI pages.

  17. Former Member


    I've got a question about the number of documents DMS can "handle". I’m a DMS consultant and I’ve implemented DMS at a customer site a few years back and now they are about to use an extension of the DMS functionality.

    My customer is hesitating to implement this extension on their DMS functionality which would implement a solution that automatically creates a large number of DMS documents (Document Info Records with object links, classification and Pdf's). The large number of DIR’s is generated via an enhancement in the printing process of ISU invoices. Per printing run (job) appr. 30.000 – 40.000 document will be generated and stored in DMS. This job will run every week.

    Also, an initial conversion will run that will create appr. 3 million DMS documents.  

    I’m convinced that these amounts of documents is not a problem for SAP DMS to handle (providing the content server is sized correctly J). But, as said, the customer is not convinced.

    Could you please let me know where I can find data/statements that support SAP DMS can handle this? Or could you please let me know if these amounts of documents will provide a problem to DMS or not?

    Thanks for the efforts!


    Kind regards,

    Sander Maes





      Hi Sander,

      based on my experience with DMS I think that the number of document info records created will not cause a problem. The only thing you have to take care is the number range definition for a maybe used internal numbering. Because based on your information you are going to create about 2 million document info records per year and when you use internal numbering for them you have to setup a number range which is broad enough.

      Regarding "object links" I also think that there won't be serious performance issues. Because the behavior at this point was improved in the last years and the only situation which can cause a loss in performance would be if you link a huge number of objects to one document info record.

      Unfortunately I do not really have an official sizing document for DMS available but I hope that this information could be useful for you too.

      Best regards,


  18. Former Member

    Dear Gurus,
    We are using SAP DMS in our PC's perfectly using windows where we get see any file is attached there but we would like to see same attachments were created in windows can run in tablets with IOS installed. We are wondering if you could inform how we can do it? I mean, a file was attached when we've created a SAP DMS using windows and after that we want to open it in the Tablet runs IOS. It seems the way is diferente to attach a document in SAP DMS for windows and IOS... We don't know if is it missing some customizing...

    I'd be glad to know you can help us.

    If you have more information please let me know.

    Best Regards,



  19. Former Member

    Good day,

    I am looking into the implementation of a DMS for my organization and was hoping to get three questions answered from experts in this field.

    My organization is a training institution that provides clinical and job specific training to medical and dental professionals.  

    We provides a variety of courses ranging from a two-week Medical Material Management course to a two-year Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant Studies program.  II am responsible for the conduct and administration of training.

    We have three main organizational problems document filing (files are unorganized and difficult to find / control versions), rotation of staff (our staff change constantly and most of our instructors work on short-term contracts of 3 weeks - 3 months), access to information requests (need to rapidly provide information on student failures), and use of data (data is collected but seldom used)/ 

    Question 1: How best will a Document Management System (DMS) address the organizational issues of, document filing, rotation of staff, access to information requests, and use of data?

    Question 2: What software would you recommend to deal with these issues and why?

    Question 3: What are the key issues to consider to ensure user acceptance of a DMS?

    I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide in answering these questions.

    Kind Regards!


  20. Former Member

    Dear Christoph Hopf

    When i check in the URL in a DIR and latter i try to open that URL in SAP DMS, the system tries to open the URL but the path it tries to open is a wrong one.

    so please let me know where to define the path from where the system should retrieve the url

    1. Hi Vijay,

      if you are working with URLs please note that these 'originals' must not be checked in because otherwise the origin URL gets corrupted.

      So please leave URL originals checked out.

      Further please note that such questions should be posted as Discussions in the SAP Document Management space and not in the WIKI area.

      Best regards,

  21. Former Member

    Hi Christoph,

    We want to implement the DMS to our ECC 6.0 system (no Ehp), but after some readings about DMS I have some doubts wanted to ask you. Is it possible to implement only the DMS without SAP Content server? We might only want to store the original to external server. If we want to implement the eDMS as well I read the Master guide saying I need Ehp 4 but you're saying it works as well without Ehp 4, is it possible?

    Our plan that we want to implement DMS only with eDMS without Ehp upgrade, is it possible? is Content server needed in this scenario? Thanks.