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Using the StructureViewFunctionHandler2-Callback-mechanism it is possible to handle drag-and-drop events with in the ASV on nodes. With this technique such things as assignment of properties like material using the ASV is possible. An example drag-and-drop handler may look like the following example:


// ----------------------------------------------------
// drop handler
// ----------------------------------------------------
conn.structureViewHandler().registerFunctionHandler2(StructureViewFunctionNames.OBJECT_DROPPED, new StructureViewFunctionHandler2()
  public void actionPerformed(String fnc, Collection<String> nodeIds, GenericDataNode genData)
    logger.trace("----- DROP HANDLER -----");
    Collection<PlmObjectDataNode> plmObjects = StructureViewDataNodes.getPlmObjects(genData);
    for (PlmObjectDataNode plmObj : plmObjects)
      logger.trace("Object " + plmObj.toString());



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